Stair Railing


Nowadays many clients like modern staircase.Here we offer stainless steel stair railing.We can offer Tube staircase Railing,Cable Stair BalusterGlass Stair Handrail. These are our advantage prodcuts.Especially Glass Staircase designs,we can use glass post, glass spigot, standoff and aluminum channel. Please CONTACT US to get quote.

Stainless Steel Tube Stair Railing

This is a very flexible type Stair Tube Railing that middle rails can be adujsted into request quantity,5,6,7,8 or more lines. Using Casting tube holders-100% stable tube systems,which make staircase railing keeping safe standard.Low cost!

Stainless Steel Cable Stair Railing

Cable Stair Railing is widly used and hot sale in European, American and Australian markets.Cable lines quantity can be changed.Tensioner Cable fittings is suitable for any slope stairscase.Low cost !

Aluminum Shoe Stair Railing

Aluminum Base Shoe is a fully frameless glass stair Handrail system.Opeaning and wild view,simple and clear. The main part is the aluminum U channel base to hold and tighten glass.It can also combined with stainless steel cover

D Clamps Post Stair Railing

D Shape Clamp Post use casting accessoires,which can offer very strong quality to hold glass.Meanwhile,It has a good advantage that glass doesn't need holes.It can offer adjustable space for glass.Stair can be fast installation.

Glass Spigot Stair Railing

Glass Spigot is full Casting Item. SS304 SS316 SS2205 is the main materials.Even it's more polular for ourdoor glass fence railing,but it also can be very elegant and clear design for glass stair railing.

Standoff Stair Railing

Standoff clamps is a very special fittings,which will not take up any space on stair treads.Fully side fixing,also offering decration design at sair side view. Solid materials offer the safe standard to all clients.


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