Glass Clamp

Glass Clamp

Glass Clamps is one of our Stainless Steel Railing Fittings important series.We can provide glass clamps with a variety of design styles such as D Type,Square Type,Singe side type and Double side type.Some clips can hoold glass without drilling holes,Some clamps can offer adjusteable space to solve project tolerance issues.PEMCO stick with high-quality,Stronger and Sturdy materials,Not Easy to Damage with good rust-proof ability.If you have other requirements, please kindly Contact Us

 D Clamp Design 

Made In China 

Tech : Casting

Surface Finish : Mirror/Satin

Bottom Shape : 50.8/42.4/38.1mm/  Flate

Big Size : 65*44*27mm

Small Size : 51*39*23mm

Glass : Big Size-12/10mm, Small Size-8/10mm


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